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Vanilla Oleoresin 20 Fold Oil Hexane Free


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Our 30 Fold Vanilla Oleoresin is thick with definitive caramel notes and as our Vanilla fans can attest, this Vanilla is the real deal – it’s an incredible oleoresin. Vanilla doesn’t oxidize so it can be stored for years. Our hopes is that one day we can buy enough actually be able to store some away but our focus these days is to make sure we have it in stock – the oleoresin goes fast. Aging vanilla sounds like an exciting adventure and one I’m fond of with certain oils because it almost becomes a Buddhist experience. We will be making an aromatics trip to Veracruz next year and hope to be able to offer it as well (stay tuned). Aside from all the feel good smells one can expect from vanilla, when the day has been long and the California traffic has been particularly bad, there is nothing more comforting to me than smelling like a warm, delicious cookie. Spoken like a true hedonist.

Suggested uses: In everything! Blends well with cacao, mints, blood orange and lemon essential oils. A tiny amount massaged into scalp is highly recommended to calm anxiety and stress. Add a small amount to scent a lotion or cream.To a botanical perfume DIY blend, add a few drops to Rose and Sandalwood essential oils for a dreamy meditation blend.


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