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Cistus Absolute Oil


Cistus Absolute (Cistus ladaniferus) from France. Amber Scented labdanum fixative for perfumery.

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I can smell Magnolia grandiflorum right before it blooms and Japanese Honeysuckle when it has had enough early summer heat to release pungent honey floral notes into the fat it will rest upon in preparation of our pomades. I know when the Cistus plant has arrived at just the right stickiness, ready to become a future perfume. These experiences with plants and flowers are the gifts that I sought to experience here where warm seasons are long. It allows me to be more than book smart with them, to have the working knowledge I always wanted with these aromatics. I’ve learned to work with the Cistus plant here where it grow prolific, to respect it and mature my understanding of the aromatic beyond what arrives from the distillery. Cistus understands me too with my insatiable need to create amber based natural perfumes. It is a resinous and thick, politer version of Labdanum holding other aromatics in place, steadfastly so. Cistus absolute is one of those absolutes that I pull out from time to time just to sniff and feel happy.

Suggested use: in natural botanical perfumery blend, particularly valuable when create an Amber accord. Blends well with any species of our Frankincense oils, Dark Amber Clary Sage, Cypress, Angelica Root, both Greek and Mount Shasta Lavender and Vanilla Oleoresin.


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