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Cistus Absolute Oil


It took Cistus absolute to bring me over to the Rock Roses side. I have had Cistus essential oil from farms in Crete and a well distilled Corsican varietal butthe essential oil didn’t exactly move me. Not so with Cistus absolute. It hits amber notes without hesitation and I find the absolute the important bridge to creating an Amber composition in botanical form. When walking in a field of Cistus on a hot summer day, I experience just how close the absolute is to the fresh flower. It blends easier than labdanum, adding viscosity to the perfume. Cistus added to a carrier oil and applied to the face may help with fine facial lines as part of an effective anti-aging protocol.

Suggested use: in natural botanical perfumery blend. Blends well with most Frankincense oils, Clary Sage, Cypress, Angelica Root, Greek and French Lavender and Vanilla Oleoresin. Valuable addition when building a natural Amber based perfume.

Packaged in tamper proof glass bottles.




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