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Patchouli Essential Oil Oak Barrel Aged 2007


2007 Patchouli Oak Barrel Aged Essential Oil 15 Year Old Vintage Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) from India. This is the oldest Patchouli oil on the market.

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Jeanne Rose and her beautifully written book, “375 Essential Oils And Hydrosols” planted the seed back in 2000 to age Patchouli. She writes in the 1999 publication that‚”Patchouli, after long storage, even as long as 20 years, the fragrance deeps and becomes rich and alluring.” The concept of aging an essential oil kind of blew my mind. A few years later – more than a few, there I was buying few kilos of this distillation every year or so starting in 2006. Aging out the green aspects that some folks object to is something I do with all my patchouli before selling. I start with top notch, high quality essential oil as inferior oil doesn’t age out that funk inferior patchouli is known for. Aging also brings out a similar ambergris – like, musky scent without having that “hippy” smell. I get that green Patchouli reminder when I go hang in the Haight Ashbury district every once in a while. Our aged Patchouli is technically an essential oil but after aging it thirteen years, I also consider it a perfumery concentrate and as such, is found in the Perfumery Concentrates section of our store.

Patchouli possesses impressive aromatherapeutic action and is one of the most outstanding essential oils for healing acne, rosacea, eczema and other skin issues. It rivals Rose Otto essential oil in anti aging oil formulas. Blended with Myrrh not only doubles the anti aging potency but can disguise the scent if one completely objects to Patchouli. I love the scent and consider it a first chakra oil and must have for meditation. The 2007 Patchouli powder ages well too.

Suggested Uses: One of the top aged essential oils for natural perfumery making.


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