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Muhuhu 2014 Essential Oil


Aged 2014 Muhuhu (Brachylaena hutchinsii )essential oil. Wild harvested African Sandalwood from Kenya.

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Muhuhu is the Swahili name for a wild harvested hardwood tree that not only provides beautiful wood for flooring and construction but is also an exceptional smoky wood base essential oil. Like our Amyris 2010, we don’t sell Muhuhu/African Sandalwood until the fresh distillation green notes have been aged out to bring forward the thick, concentrated smokiness I feel is mandatory in a lot base notes. When it comes to making whipped raw shea butter products, there is no essential oil more scent aligned as an african butter paired with an african oil. When I began to get serious about setting up the apothecary to sell essential oils and couldn’t afford kilos of sandalwood or other pricey oils in volume, African sandalwood was our first big purchase. I felt like a real somebody to be able to buy that much golden woody oil in one shot. Still have the same soft spot for it when those kilos roll in.

Suggested uses: blends with jasmine, rose, vetiver, pink peppercorn, lavender or to boost sandalwood in a natural perfumery blend. Excellent relaxant in massage blends or cream base.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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