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Pandanus Essential Oil


Pandanus (Pandanus odoratissimus) essential oil from our artisan distiller in India.

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Pandanus essential oil always eluded me. I was never able to find it without some kind of additive to extend or adulterate it and the countless flavorings I bought in Asian markets over the years let me down every time. The lower quality flowers are used for the hydrosol and only 0.02 percent of the oil after distillation is left behind. The only idea I had of Pandanus was with the faint scent I picked up from the hydrosol (often labeled Kewda) in international markets. Kind of heartbreaking considering the authentic flavor would improve the taste of sweets, frozen desserts and drinks they are used in because the essential oil is absolutely narcotic.

The Pandanus shrub grows both male and female blossoms but it is the male blossoms that are distilled for this narcotic, fruity and mysterious rare essential oil. It is collected early in the morning like so many delicate and time sensitive flowers, using up to 25,000 per charge. Pandanus oil is believed to heal many degenerative diseases in Ayurveda practice. Cans of Pandan leaves line Asian market shelves as they are used in cooking, mainly to flavor rice dishes. It is the perfume that most interests me both because it was elusive for so long and because the scent is a natural aphrodisiac. Kewra Attar is made using three to five percent Kewra essential oil and the remainder of Sandalwood oil. Pandanus is very pungent and fruity scented. I also pick up the scent of Greek Sea Fennel, not surprising considering Pandanus naturally grows in Orissa, India, one of many sub tropic coastal regions of growth for the scrub. We work with an incredible distillery that carefully distills the pure essential oil. It easily surpasses every sample I have received over the years from other suppliers. They distill beyond craft and above reproach and I’m proud to offer this exotic oil in our curated apothecary.

Suggested use: add in natural perfumery compositions. Pandanus essential oil blends very well with Sandalwood Mysore essential oil. It’s important to note that it takes little of the essential oil to over power a natural perfumery composition.


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