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Peppermint Essential Oil


Organic Peppermint (Mentha piperita ) essential oil from our distillation partner in  Greece.


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This is another small farm grown, artisan distilled essential oil from Northern Greece and we feel very lucky to include it in our apothecary line. Just as we carry lavender from different countries, Greek peppermint became our favorite for so many reasons, one big one being the well rounded scent without out the typical harshness the oil can have. American peppermint for years, had a candy cane profile and I loved it. It was included in many of my formulas but in the last few years has seen a less sweet peppermint which had me looking to other horizons. Peppermint is indispensable as an essential oil and no home should be without it. It offers headache relief, muscle and joint relief, soothes digestion, supports respiratory stress, alleviates itchy skin, acne and a big one – sinus congestion. I put a few drops in my shoes for alertness without the commitment of a potentially bad cappuccino. If there’s a mouse in the house and no cat, peppermint fends off rodents (mice and rat repellant) and fleas.

Suggested uses: blend a few drops in 15ml or half ounce of coconut or MCT oil to use for headache, muscle, joint, skin and respiratory relief. Alleviates itchy skin, acne and boils. Can also be used as a natural but effective rodent repellant in the home with only a few drops directly in the suspected area. Please note: Peppermint is contraindicated with those using homeopathy.


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