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Rose Concrete


Rose (Rosa damascena) concrete from Bulgaria also known as  Valley Of Roses. This is a hexane free cold extraction.

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The scent of Rose Concrete is what I imagine the DNA of a rose smells like if plant DNA had a scent. It is the full expression of a rose, capturing all 160 plant constituents in a waxy orange solid. It is beautiful to experience and one of our many treasures in the apothecary. Considering the cost of Rose Otto and Absolute, Rose Concrete is truly an affordable way to experience the queen of flowers. It has an impressively long shelf life, lasting three years and longer, depending on the container it is stored in. We have a 2007 batch of highly fragrant Rose Concrete that we have kept stored in our agate jars, modeled after the mastermind storage of aromatics by the Egyptians.

Rose Concrete differs from the floral waxes we offer. The blossoms are cold extracted with an organic solvent resulting in a red – orange waxy semi – solid material from the fresh rose. The waxy material can either be sold as a concrete or, when agitated with alcohol and gently evaporated, create Rose Absolute. Roses inspire extractions and written words too. When I think of Rose Concrete, Tupac Shakur’s, “The Rose That Grew From Concrete”, also comes to mind. The book is a collection of poetry speaking of dreams, hardship, persistence and the tenacity of a rose.

Suggested uses: Warm over a hot water bath and add to floral waxes such as Jasmine or Green Tea to create a solid perfume. Once warmed, Rose Concrete can be added to creams and lotions or DIY skin serums. Shelf life is approximately 3 years. The concrete itself can be worn as a solid perfume which I highly recommend to experience floral decadence.


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