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Lavender Essential Oil


Certified organic lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) small batch artisan distilled from our partner in Greece.

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Lavender angustifolia is a classic aromatherapeutic essential oil and somewhat a hero for bringing aromatherapy into the 20th century. It was Gattefosse who, apon suffering a severe burn in his laboratory, had the intuitive sense to apply lavender oil to the wound. The remarkable part of the story is that the burned skin healed quickly, much quicker than than any typical ointment of the era. I have had my own Gattefosse story as well, with use of cast iron for cooking, experiencing my share of burns that required immediate application of Lavender to quickly reduce pain and avoid infection. I store lavender in the kitchen as well as our apothecary to have easy and quick access to first aid. We carry a few varietals of Lavender; high altitude, low altitude, American, Italian, French and now Lavender from Greece. Greek Lavender is new to us but certainly not to Greece. Dioscorides was the first to record Lavender as a medicinal and wrote extensively about its benifits in, “The Materia Medica”. Our certified organic Greek Lavender grows close to the sea in a sparsely populated part of Northern Greece. It is artisan grown and distilled and is very fresh, well rounded – not cloying in any way. Greek Lavender ticks every single box with us.

Suggested uses: use on wounds, burns, acne and skin boils, and other skin issues. Other uses include in diffusers, a few drop in natural cleaners and dish soap and on the pillow for a deep, relaxing sleep.


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