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Agarwood Lombok Essential Oil


Wild Agarwood Lombok from Indonesia. Rare Aquilaria malaccensis from the jungles in Lombok.

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When I imported Agarwood ACEH oil earlier this year, I declared this to be the year of oud dabbling at EOA. Six months in, I’m knee deep and in running a substantial tab with my Indonesian partners. My mission is to offer more agarwood varietals and their mission is to make me “Queen of Oud” (their words). I received a sample of Lombok when ACEH arrived and oh did it rock my world, rattle my cage, leave me shook. It was like when I brought in Blue Lotus absolute for the first time; I dreampt of it, thought about it a lot and tried to imagine our perfumer customers experience once it started arriving in their hands. Lombok is rare and comes from an island adjacent to Bali. Collection of the wood is about a seven hour walk in the Atlas jungle. It’s these jungle notes that carry through the oil and make it the exquisite, caramel, deep wet wood notes it is. Lombok is the quintisential luxury in an agarwood.

Suggested use: Pure luxury when worn alone with the expectation of it lingering several hours. Will add depth and dirge like quality to a perfume composition.


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