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Oakmoss Absolute Oil


Oakmoss Absolute (Evernia pruastri) oil from France. This is a traditional oakmoss oil.

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Oakmoss is a type of usnea from the lichen genus that grows mainly on oak trees however I have found it on Fir and Pine, both conifers that love the wet cool weather of Vancouver Island. American Natives called Oakmoss, lungs of Oak on account of the respiratory support and wood healing it provided, a property shared by many mosses of the lichen family. I harvested Usnea every fall to prepare tinctures in preparation of wet, cold winters. I miss gathering Usnea but I don’t miss that cold rainy weather.

I adore the scent of fresh Oakmoss absolute and appreciate this base note for what it is; a deep, intensely musky, masculine earthy aroma. Oakmoss is an invaluable addition to masculine colognes, after shave, shave cream with its dark forest scent. Oakmoss is also an important addition to all perfume blends because of the tenacious fixative properties. I really like the rich caramel like layers my nose picks up, often reminding me of our Fir Absolute. Because our absolute is the rare traditional Oakmoss and not IFRA compliant, it may have some skin sensitivity on occasion. We recommend 0.5% use in blends to maintain skin safety.

Suggested uses: Blends with Ylang ylang, Lavender, Ginger, Geranium (True), Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Neroli and Fir. Oakmoss is very thick and will require a hot water bath before use.


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