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Jasmine Natural Flower Butter Perfume


Jasmine (Jasmine officinale) Flower Butter perfume handmade at our apothecary. This is a beeswax free soliflore natural perfume with absolutely no synthetics or bio identical essential oils.


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Rose Flower Butter provided the bravery I needed to pursue other soliflore projects and offer perfume I thought brought affordable luxury to natural perfumery. With Jasmine Flower Butter, I had deeper ambitions. I wanted the perfume to smell like it had been scraped off the chassis, but with more of an emphasis on indolic fattiness found in a pomade. Jasmine Butter is heavy, sweet. It is the scent of my deep happy, soliflore loving soul; a place of love and sensuality. Jasmine is my dirge too: true love I’ve never felt, my level I never met, and a dichotomy of both falling somewhere in between grace.

Organic Jasmine Flower Butter is a handmade natural perfume, my ode to the beautiful Jasmine flower. Our Butter contains the best organic Jasmine absolute, concrete and floral wax we carry in the apothecary. Just as perfumers did for thousands of years, we use Ben oil as the carrier oil both for the extraordinarily long shelf life and as a nod to Nefertem. Our Jasmine Flower Butter is soft and powerful. The tiniest smear on the wrist or soft part of the neck imparts all the craft I’ve put into our perfume Butter. All the history too.

Suggested use: Apply to chakra or pulse points and enjoy a sensual filed of Jasmine flowers.


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