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Hyssop Essential oil


Organic Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) from Bulgaria.

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The 1573 publication of “Five Hundred Points Of Good Husbandry” recommended twenty herbs for strewing, some of which were: Chamomile, Basil, Costmary, Lavender, Sage, Thyme and Hyssop. It was the floral blend expected by Queen Elizabeth, so much so that the Household had a fixed salary for the purpose of having these aromatics on the ready to be strewn on her apartment floor. Even then, Hyssop was known as a good wound healer. It wasn’t until later that it came to be known as a treatment for bruises and allergies. Yes, Hyssop had its day in the 1550s, sacred herb that it was. Even as late at 1937 when Gattefosse penned the modern bible of aromatherapy, Hyssop was still in use and considered a superb remedy for all “blood defective compositions, namely Eczema”. But as we began to understand the chemical composition of essential oils, we discovered those pesky ketone molecules and seemingly overnight it fell out of favor. Sad really because, anytime I envision a Fougère composition, I feel disloyal to my blending sensibilities without a drop or two of Hyssop.

Hyssop essential oil has a tea like fern scent, captivating the heart’s affection for forest and other green type scents such as Galbanum. It is a lung opener as well where it finds itself diffused in a blend with Eucalyptus and a few other helpful accoutrements for spring time asthma. For the space I hold sacred, our apothecary, Hyssop finds itself there too.

Suggested use: Valuable addition to Fougère compositions but should be moderated with other essential oils.


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