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Ambergris Third Grade Black Raw


Third grade black raw  Ambergris hand harvest from our partners in the Bahamas.

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Ambergris Black is our third grade offering. And like the the other grades, Ambergris Black is aromatic and will supply the perfumer and experimenter alike with a truly rare element to their perfume creation. Ambergris is limitless in my estimation because the mossy, sweet indole, seaweed notes it offers can be applied to many types of perfume and offers incredible tenacity. I find it really rounds out lighter florals such as Rhododendron or Petitgrain. Because of the rarity of this raw material, we will do our best to have it in continuous stock but there may be occasional interruptions.

Suggested uses: Carefully grate and tincture as desired. Allowing the tincture to age will bring out desired notes and fixative value of the Ambergris.


1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g


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