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Champaca Floral Wax


Golden Champaca (Michelia champaca) floral wax from our artisan producers in India.

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I adore floral waxes. They are such an exquisite way to sample aromatics that may be out of reach as an absolute or essential oil. Floral waxes can become an almost instant natural perfume as well. There is an excitement and ritualism with warming jojoba and floral wax together and holding a pot of it to be used whenever a whim arises. To me, it calls the spirit of the perfumers of the ages. It calls on the essence of the flower too.

Our Golden Champaca is from a new small producer that we have come to cherish. They produce both Golden Champaca absolute for us and the wax and I consider both to be the most sublime we have carried to date. The floral wax is hard but snaps easily and the scent remains on the fingers long after handling the wax, the mark of a fragrant and vibrant extraction of this flower.

Suggested uses: Golden Champaca floral wax requires a bath to work with in a variety of formations. It can be added in soap making, creams, lotions, lip gloss, salves, balms and perfume solids. It can be used to replace beeswax when making Vegan skincare and other DIY formulations. Once Golden Champaca wax is warmed, it can be whipped into shea butter for a scented body butter or added to a carrier oil to lightly scent and add viscosity. All of our floral waxes are packaged in fully compostable Eucalyptus biomass bags.


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