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German Chamomile Floral Wax


German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) floral wax . Artisan production from our partner in Bulgaria.

German Chamomile Floral Wax

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For years, our charming little apothecary had three humble floral waxes to offer our perfume crowd: rose, jasmine and tuberose. It has taken a dedicated journey to find and sometimes convince producers that floral waxes hold importance in the scent making community. German Chamomile is the twenty first of our waxy offerings and as McFadden & Whitehead sang in the 70s, ain’t no stopping us now. 

German chamomile floral wax is irresistible. Those waxy cognac and green apple notes have a future in a number of solid perfumes I have in mind. German chamomile has the consistency of taffy and is easy to use after gentle warming. The blue color is enchanting, a reminder of my childhood summer days under azure prairie skies. There are a lot of wins with German chamomile floral wax: perfume, incense, soap making and a good home herbal salve for the home apothecary.


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