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White Ambergris Raw


First grade white Ambergris from our trusted collector in the Bahamas.

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It has been a long road back to Ambergris. I began importing the raw material back in 2013. Much to my surprise because with everything else that was an import issue at Canada Customs, beach found Ambergris was not one of them. Moving to the US was another thing altogether. I decided that it was worth all the expensive permits and endless red tape to get back to offering Ambergris. There is, after all nothing like it. We typically import from New Zealand, some from the family’s motherland Ireland, and little from Africa. The Bahamas beach found Ambergris is our current offering. This Ambergris is very fine with like Civet notes and long sillage. It’s some of the most beautiful ambergris I’ve ever owned and most certainly exciting to offer. Long after the photo shoot, I can smell the sweet lingering scent in the room. We offer by the gram and also can offer a whole piece for 15% off. the White Grey piece is 15.8 grams and is my absolute favorite. The white piece that is almost the shape of a ball is 13.1 grams and has a touch of the coveted gold in it. The scent profile is very similar to the one in my personal antique ambergris collection which contains carbon dated thousand year old ambergris. This piece will also be sold at a discount of 15% off if purchased as one piece. Please remember that dilution is key. As my natural perfumery teacher alway instructs, “dilution, dilution, dilution.”

White Ambergris is considered First Grade. We offer all grades when we are able: White, Brown and Black because they all have perfumery value in our estimation. Ambergris is typically grated and infused in alcohol and left to rest as a tinctured extraction. Every piece is carefully weighed. We do our best to have Ambergris in continuous stock, but because of the rarity of this raw material, there may be occasional interruptions. Please note: must have experience with ambergris. This is extremely rare and there are no returns on an item such as this. Whole pieces can be purchased for a 15% discount.

Suggested uses: Carefully grate and tincture as desired. Allowing the tincture to age will bring out desired notes and fixative value of the Ambergris.


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