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Frangipani Absolute Thailand


Frangipani absolute (Plumeria ruba) from our artisan producer in Thailand.

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This frangipani absolute put me in some kind of funky paranormal situation, this thick sensual treasure from Thailand. It made me kick back a weekend and not think about much at all except for future compositions and world domination by flowers. How does one explain one of the most beautiful aromas in the world (to my nose)? An absolute so perfect, I can’t think of another thing to add except exchange souls for it, get on an astral plane, fall around in delirium…

Thai frangipani is easily the most animalic of any floral I’ve put on my scent strip. It calls on every primal vibe that lies within an unbound spirit. While our Indian frangipani has plumeria and tobacco notes, this one is so much more inline with the Thai civet paste we carry here – a union I’m sure to test in the future as I ready macerations to launch more of my perfume line. True, this absolute is an investment but as my perfumer instructor alway says, “dilute, dilute, dilute.” Start with 1 ml (20 drops) and dilute it to uncover more of those intense plumeria notes that hide in the undiluted absolute. This is an oil for the serious perfumer bargaining with the devil for that ultimate composition but it’s okay, I’m there too.


10ml, 2ml, 0.5ml, 1ml, 5ml


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