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Calendula CO2 Uncut Oil


Calendula CO2 ( Calendula officinalis) oil from Egypt.

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I walk in the footsteps of my great aunt, my grandmother and mother who collected tree medicine, macerated calendula in olive oil and ate chickweed, nettles. I knew to harvest wild edible weeds before I was ten. My proclivity to reading books on the subject was nothing short of expected in a family of wild crafters. Mrs. Grieve filled my head with anatomy and every detail of a plant I hungered for, challenging my memory with both volume one and two of‚ “The Modern Herbal” compendium. Long before I was an aromatherapist, I was a practicing herbalist.

I learned of Calendula CO2 in ” Making Aromatherapy Creams & Lotions,” a book I wore out reading in 2000 and one that opened my world to absolutes and CO2s. I had only known Calendula as a medicinal oil made by picking the flowers to sit in a warm bath of olive oil; the scent exciting me, smelling of summer iced tea and surely a marker of the season to pick flowers for harvest. Calendula salve was the first medicinal balm I learned to make with beeswax from our bee hives and was a wintertime jar of salvation against harsh Canadian winters, serving as a reminder of the summer ahead, the summer behind well enjoyed. Calendula has been known by all herbalists dating back to the sixteenth century where it used in both food and medicine. In 1699, the marigold flower was mentioned as a specific for headaches, jaundice, red eyes, toothache and wound healing. It was dried for cookery use, added to cheese for coloring and hardly a broth was found without the dried flower.

Calendula CO2 is a potent and thick, orange colored extraction of the flower, smelling of ice tea and peaches. It smells waxy too, like our Beeswax Absolute as if to remind that its efficacy is best found in a beeswax salve or cream. Perhaps long days in the Egyptian sun contribute to its beautiful warm waxy scent. The carotene (Vitamin A) in Calendula provides the essential medicinal needed in the herbal home pharmacy for treatment of scars, stretch marks, rapid wound healing and other skin conditions. It’s a beneficial anti-inflammatory. I still make Calendula infused oil, particularly when I’m missing my mom who is a border away. And I always add golden Calendula CO2 as my modern take to a four hundred year tradition.

Suggested uses: Our Calendula CO2 Total is very thick, undiluted and potent. Add a small amount to a quality carrier oil to use as needed for all skin conditions including acne, wound healing, scars and stretch marks. Can be added in a natural perfumery blend for a waxy, sweet tea addition.


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