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Boronia Absolute Oil


Boronia (Boronia megastigma) absolute oil from our distillation partner in Australia.

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Aside from our artisan distilled Blue Lotus, Boronia was one of the most elusive oils I have ever hunted for and one I had to wait a long time have placed in our apothecary. When the oil first became available on the market some time ago, I scrambled to have a piece of the aroma pie but learned the essential oil world is full of big players and not a place for niche apothecaries like mine. Finding an artisan distiller who isn’t beholden to MLM essential oil corporations is a needle in the haystack, metaphorically and literally. We were never able to buy the large quantity of Boronia required to hang with the big boys. Then came circumstance or maybe it was fate. I found an artisan distiller, a kindred spirit in this aromatic world and one who understood what we are trying to do in the space we’ve carved out in the flowers.

Boronia Absolute is extracted from the leaves and flowers of a plant that grows in Australia and is considered the classic essential oil of that beautiful country. It is a very heady oil, and it almost took my breath away because of its floral robustness, something I didn’t quite expect. The scent is reminiscent of black currents and freesia and even a little apricot. It brings to mind the Broom (genet) blossoms that I would press as a kid to make my perfume.Boronia is heavy and sweet and one can’t but know a special oil in their presence. We feel very special, almost complete that we now have this gorgeous rare oil in our apothecary.

Suggested uses: Although Boronia Absolute has been suggested for sue in aromatherapy, because of the cost and rarity, it is best experienced in a botanical perfume blend. It is a very concentrated oil and so little is required to scent the blend. Blends with Sandalwood (highly recommended), Vetiver, Lemon Myrtle, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine.


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