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Super 6 Frankincense Essential Oil Blend Uncut


Guildemeister and Hoffman wrote that in the treatise on distillation of the sixteenth century, frankincense was mentioned as one of many constituents used in the distillation of complex balsams. In my early aromatherapist years, Carterii species was my first experience with frankincense essential oil, later resin and I went deep. Couldn’t even help myself. It wasn’t long before I was powdering it to make chocolates for Christmas, applying the golden oil to treat skin conditions or burning aromatize and disinfect the air. My Frankincense vocabulary has since expanded and I have the good fortune to work some beautiful varietals such as Sacra and Rivae. With Super 6 Frankincense, we blend Sacra, Papyfera, Serrata, Neglecta, the grand dame of the Boswellia family, Carterii, and 2 more we like to keep a mystery (okay we fibbed a little … there’s 7 species in our blend but they are all top notch oils). Frankincense is the gangsta of healing essential oils and a super blend using some of the best species is the ultimate in healing and ritual anointing.

Suggested uses: Super 6 Frankincense blend is uncut and full strength essential oils. It must be blended with a carrier oil to apply to skin for healing. If diffusing, keep in mind these are resins and may clog the diffuser. It diffuses much better in a small amount of Olive oil in an essential oil burner.

Packaged in tamper proof glass bottles.




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