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Zanthoxylum Oil (Tomar Seed) Essential Oil


Wild harvested Zanthoxylum Oil (Zanthoxylum Armathum) artisan distillation from our partners in India.  Also known as Tomar Seed, téngjiāo, Toothache Tree, Timur, and Flower Pepper oil.

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I like that it took a few months to evaluate Tomar seed essential oil not because it’s complicated oil but moreso that are a lot of scented notes to it. It’s a hardy oil in that it has as many uses in perfumery as it does in aromatherapy. I appreciate the dual use of this aromatic. Tomar Seed has a lot of scented layers: mandarin peel, ginger, guaiacwood, tasmanian pepper (coming soon) and the very best Palmarosa that I’ve yet to find. Tomar Seed is wild harvested and distilled in small batches which may account for beautifully clean notes that I haven’t found in the larger distillations of the oil. Also known as toothache tree, Tomar Seed is an effective treatment for dental care. I first became aware of its effectiveness when I was a rep for a Lodi, CA ayurvedic company that imports tomar seed based toothpaste and other sundries from India. Tomar is effective for tackling funky breath and providing protection against cavities when used in mouthwash formulas. Tomar Seed oil is from the Winged Prickly Ash tree of which much was written by Mrs. Grieve in “A Modern Herbal”. Tomar was recommended for chronic rheumatism, typhoid and skin diseases and impurity of the blood and was treated with a popular formula during the author’s era:

1/2 oz Prickly Ash Bark
Guaiacum Raspings
Buckbean Herb
Cayenne Pods

Boil in 1.5 pint water down to one pint.

Talk about a tough pill to swallow. I’ll stick to dental care and perfumery application.

Suggested use: Blend with Frankincense, Geranium, Clary Sage, Pink Grapefruit or Bergamot as an analgesic. Beautiful and surprisingly floral middle note in perfume compositions that includes Musk Ambrette Seed, Sandalwood (naturally), Black Pepper and Blood Cedarwood essential oil.


5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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