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Coffee Flower Absolute Oil


Coffee Flower (Coffea arabica) Blossom absolute oil.

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Coffee Flower Blossom absolute oil is one of those rare oil that has little known provenance. Surprisingly, natural perfumery authors such as Naves, Sagarin, Arctander were unable to shed more light on the oil. No mention in “Flower Oils and Floral Compounds in Perfumery” by Danute Anonis either. Coffee Blossom absolute is the kind of oil that natural perfumers nerd out on with the vanilla and sharp arabica notes it provides. I pick up jonquil notes too. The fragrant blossom transends into a delicious, floral Coffee Blossom honey we sell on our sister site, and is another rare expression of Coffee Blossom that is not to be missed. Coffee flower is a mysterious oil and one that is a must have in the natural perfumers organ.

Suggested Uses: Blends with Cocoa Absolute, Vanilla Oleoresin and Sandalwood essential oil Can be added to Neroli and Petitgrain compositions.


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