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Yuzu Essential Oil


Yuzu (Citrus junos) essential oil from Japan.

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It’s hard to believe we’ve waited nine long years to bring back Japanese Yuzu essential oil. I missed it. A whole lot. Yuzu was a citrus extract I bought often in specialty Japanese markets until the availability of Ponzu which when authentic, contains Yuzu citrus and a good soy sauce. When Yuzu essential oil became available, I made sure it was always in the apothecary. Then 2011 happened in Japan and it was gone. From time to time, I did bring in Korean Yuzu but the problem was I had the Japanese scent embedded in my brain and I couldn’t seem to let it go. Once I realized that restaurants and other accoutrements of life were slowly returning to Fukushima, I decided to bring Yuzu back if only for one last memory of a truly great citrus. This gorgeous batch changed my mind on its temporary presents in our store. The collector in me is doing my best not to hoard this wonderful oil. Yes, it’s here to stay.

Yuzu essential oil is a precious offering from Japan. I always thought of the scent as a lemony, pink grapefruit, Meyer lemon citrus profile. This distillation certainly has all of that going on. It’s cheeky and ephemeral as top notes are but that’s the beauty of it. That lightness can add the pop to an otherwise heavy natural perfumery composition. It is that citrus that can be used in so many applications without agnosia setting in. And I can’t be the only one who imagines a bath ritual coming on soon.

Suggested uses: Useful in natural perfumery compositions or as in a traditional Japanese bath. Blend a few drops in a carrier oil to apply to skin if desired.


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