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Attar of Oud Oil


Attar of Oud Oil. Agarwood (Aquilaria Crassna) distilled in Sandalwood Mysore from Cambodia.

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Oh Oud, you dirty, dirty girl with your buttery sandalwood bath, your scent of wet leaves and barnyard and sexy musk. How can I not offer you to the world? How can I describe you in almost burlesque terms without over exaggeration? I want to try, I want to entice those natural perfumers who long for that dark, unknown scent umami and those who are just plain curious.

Attar of Oud is co-distilled in beautiful, buttery Indian sandalwood and is the best agarwood offering I can think of introducing to new collectors. The world of agarwood oil collecting is a world so deep that I believe I lost one year alone just trying to understand and collect oil and wade through endless fakes. More so than our Blue Lotus absolute, in fact. The oud used in this attar is the very same as our pure agarwood offering from Cambodia. Our description below best explains the scent profile of the agarwood portion of this beautiful oil.

I secretly have a blind ear to descriptions to words like earthy, rich, sweet, woodsy, exotic because those descriptions are used 8 ways to Sunday in other woody essential oil profiles. They don’t tell me a thing about what I would smell as a new oud oil collector. So let me see if I can knit some different adjectives that paint a better scent profile: balsamic, fruity like dark fruitcake, smoky, strong like malt, tenacious. And yes, as a farm girl, I recognize some barnyard in the back end of the oil. But with no less than 150 chemical compounds in this mysterious fungus infested oil, it give the scent world umami – that required sixth element chefs talk about. Dioscorides mentioned it was chewed to freshen the breath but I recommend your pulse points enjoy it not your breath.


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