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White Lotus Absolute Thailand


White Lotus (Nymphaea alba) absolute direct from our small producer in Thailand. This is White Water Lily absolute and is extremely rare.

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This absolute is a knockout, another rare multi noted floral that I can’t believe exists. It’s not the Nelumbo nucifera from India we already carry in our apothecary. This is our Thai producer who also produces our blue lotus absolute, the one written about on online forums. This white lotus is Nymphaea alba, a true white water lily. Even before the five minutes are up and the Monclin has been well placed on a flat porcelain plate, I can smell the chocolate I ate while living in Peru in the 1980s. It’s a chocolate so fine and perfect that I have yet to find its duplicate in North America; dark and deep, mysterious; sweet without possessing candy notes. There is an underlying narcotic layer that hints in the best way that this is a nucifera and it stays in the nose for some time. It is a very sophisticated scent and I can see that a perfumer would really need to understand their organ in order to work in additional aromatics to complement this absolute because it is well and truly full noted all on its own. There are rare fruit notes such as mangosteen, rambutan and golden dragonfruit, the dragonfruit note coming forward after 24 hours on the blotter. The sillage of this absolute is long; the drop placed on a cotton ball still pronounced 48 hours after the initial evaluation – rarity in of itself with exception to our agarwood and lotus extractions. Soft bitter chocolate and exotic fruit notes differentiate this gorgeous white water lily from blue. I nurtured the blue lotus flowers in my water lily pond for two years for this photo shoot, this occasion because I find this absolute an entirely new lotus experience for me and it is stunning.

Suggested use: Can be used by the drop for anointing, soliflore perfuming of the body. Very potent and long lasting. One drop goes a very long way.


0.5ml, 1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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