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Scotch Pine Certified Organic Essential Oil


Certified organic Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris) essential oil from Austria. The Betty Crocker of pine essential oils – indispensable.

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Pine essential oil is the Betty Crocker of essential oils. Everything on the tree can be used, bark, needles, pine cones, resin and pine pollen and I certainly use every part of this incredible medicinal tree as aherbal and aromatherapeutic respect to the conifer. Our certified organic Scotch Pine from Austria is a clean, uplifting woody scent that wakes a sleepy brain at first sniff. Steffen Arctander wrote that Scotch Pine was of particularly high quality but conceived that Pine oil would eventually disappear from the essential oil market but as artisan distillers like myself and others, I witness more species distillations appearing on the scene. Pine is a foundation oil that aromatherapy would be crippled without. I am confident Scotch Pine won’t be disappearing from the essential oil landscape any time soon.

Pine can be effective against Gram negative bacteria, Candida albicans, mold, mildew and a host of other bacteria and respiratory related illnesses.There is a reason Pine-Sol used it in their formula until the last decade or so. The borneal and ether constituents in the oil are what provides the strong antiseptic qualities. Scotch Pine can be used in a variety of applications: body blends to improve circulation and help with sore muscles, vaporized for respiratory support and my favorite way to enjoy pine – blended with rosemary essential oil and applied to the temples or back of the neck to help with adrenal fatigue. When I’ve experienced a particularly stubborn cold, I mix a few drops of pine oil with honey and take as a healthy, more effective version of cough drops. Gattefosse noted from ancient pharmacopoeias that Pine was used as a diuretic and treatment of toothaches. Dr. Jean Valnet penned that Jacques Cartier in 1554 learned from Native Americans that Pine needles possessed antiscorbic properties. It is important to note that turpentine oil is from the wood of the pine tree and the needles typically provide the essential oil.

Suggested uses: Scotch Pine has an uplifting, woody scent and is considered a top note in natural perfumery that benefits conifer based blends. In aromatherapy application, Scotch Pine essential oil may help with respiratory conditions, in adrenal support and in muscle rubs for aches and arthritic pain. Blend Scotch Pine with Mandarin essential oil for a holiday scent. Best difussed when baking Christmas cookies or pumpkin pie.


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