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Vanilla Bean Wax


Organic Vanilla wax (Vanilla planifolia) from our artisan producers in India.

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This Vanilla wax shoot was one that required months of planning and sourcing. I bought a pound of vanilla pods which are proving difficult to find when wishing for A grade, meaty pods and searched every online and local plant stores for a Vanilla orchid plant. I was tenacious enough to eventually find a planifolia orchid but not quite lucky enough to get it to bloom. Other orchid blossoms were sacrificed, let’s just say. Like some of our aged extracts, the waiting and working out fine details is always a thrilling side effect of my job.

Our waxes are primarily floral: Pink Lotus, Golden Champaca and soon White Lotus. Vanilla wax is a bit of a gamble for the apothecary but one I felt was worth rolling the dice on. We carry Vanilla oleoresin with Vanilla CO2 and Vanilla absolute soon to follow. Vanilla wax completes this sweet scented planifolia portfolio. The wax is not what one would expect from the typical vanilla scent. It is restrained and the scent doesn’t linger long like other vanilla extracts. The wax is very different as well, being of a liquid state instead of the typical solid floral wax. None of this dissuaded me from sourcing it because as I worked with the sample we received this spring, I couldn’t help but feel it has a rightful place in solid perfumes. The wax adds a sweet note, an unexpected layer to where complex scent building could use a little softening up.

Suggested uses: In DIY natural perfumery. Blends easily in lotions, creams and body oil. Can be added to beard oil or bath blends. Vanilla wax adds structure and viscosity to thin blends.


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