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Tonka Bean Absolute Oil


Tonka Bean (Dipteryx odorata) absolute oil from Venezuela.

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Tonka absolute has my heart, my whole heart. So much so that I find no faults with its afflictions: its crystallization completely forgivable. The warm and intensely scented Vanilla and Tobacco notes cover soft skin like 1970s suede. Soulful and rich, Tonka is never a forgotten scent. Sometimes I smell a little sweetgrass, sometimes chocolate or vanilla. All of those notes seemingly common and comfortable but it is a special extract coveted by natural perfumers and chefs.

The hardwood tree of the bean is a common one that grows in Brazil, Guyana and our favorite, Venezuela and is used as Brazilian Teakwood. Tonka is known as mojo or wishing beans in South America and are considered good luck in money and love. A few drops of the absolute might add a little extra magic to the next perfume composition.

Suggested use: Blend with Lavender essential oil, Cacao absolute, Tobacco absolute, Clary Sage essential oil. Orange essential oil is also highly recommended in a blend for a dreamy creamsicle type botanical perfume. Tonka absolute can crystalize over time but returns to liquid if placed in a hot water bath but I recommend forgiveness if it doesn’t comply completely.


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