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Sweetgrass Hydrosol USA


Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorada) hydrosol. Artisan Distilled USA Holy Grass Sacred Clearing Energy Ceremonial Native American Vanilla Grass

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The first time my hands held Sweetgrass, it was in my basket weaving class in my twenties. I wove baskets of pine needles and Sweetgrass, my small way of paying respect to the traditions of the Coast Salish and Bella Coola nations. I relied heavily on Nancy J Turner’s books, a well known ethnobotanist and eventual friend of the family. I worked with one of the two sweetgrass species that grow in Canada, the subspecies alpina. A grassy vanilla scent would waft to my excited nose as I wove open style baskets large enough to hang on my wall where my kitten would climb up to have his nap. Some of the basket weaving grass was always set a aside for future incense braids.

Sweetgrass is an intricate part of Native ceremony, often burned to purify tribal dancers. The Blackfoot nation used Sweetgrass leaves to treat saddle sores and fed horses with the grass to increase their stamina. Infusions were used to treat colds and sore throats. It has been an important grass for the North American native community.

I wanted to offer Sweetgrass hydrosol for a long time but it took some time to find an artisan distiller who cultivated the grass in an organic environment. Sweetgrass is a powerful clearing spray that can be used when incense can’t be burned. In working with the hydrosol, I’ve discovered that it heals cuts quickly, likely due to the small amount of coumarin in the plant. Misting Sweetgrass in my car has become a necessary coping tool for driving these Californian freeways.

Shelf life: 24 months. Refrigerate to prolong freshness.

Packaged in 3.3oz/100 ml tamper proof refillable glass bottles.


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