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Sandalwood Mysore Essential Oil


Sandalwood Mysore (Santalum album) essential oil. Small production from our artisan distiller in India.

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I don’t even bother with sandalwood essential oil unless it’s syrupy and hanging off my every sniff with the rich buttery sandalwood notes I first experienced in the 1980s, which is by all means is not so old considering Sandalwood’s 4000 year history. But it’s clear I’m spoiled by my sandalwood expectations. I am blameless, I’m sure; I’ve been collecting it for decades after all. Some of our customers have had the once in a lifetime experience of our Sandalwood 1952 know exactly what I’m talking about. I still get giddy when I recall the first 60 year old sandalwood I bought from a discontinued pharmacy: a sealed ounce of golden East Indian Sandalwood. It was like panning for gold and actually finding a nugget – the thrill never left me with that purchase.

Mysore sandalwood is truly indispensable in both skin care and natural perfumery blends. I work with the oil regularly as we store the oil to age out as well as macerate in ambergris, castoreum, musk grains and other animalic extracts for future perfumery concentrate releases. It is the oil that I use to make our own attars and I soak about every floral I can get our hands on in the oil. Our sandalwood is superb: it’s soft, balsamic and almost animalic and when I am looking to clock out into deep meditative relaxation, our sandalwood is the go to with out hesitation. There is no greater fixative, co-distiller and superb anti-aging essential oil for skin as Sandalwood Mysore essential oil.

Suggested uses: Blends well with rose, tuberose, lavender, violet leaf and bergamot. Sandalwood is an excellent fixative in woody, oriental, chypres, fougeres and any delicate florals.


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