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Sandalwood Indonesian Essential Oil


Java Sandalwood (Santalum album) essential oil from our distillation partner in Indonesia.

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I never met Javanese Sandalwood before but as both a sandalwood hoarder and seller, I know that hypnotic scent. It’s the late night B movies, incense perfumed air and The Ballad Of Dorthy Parker in heavy rotation of my twenties: the time before internet and anti-social media. The time when thick buttery Sandalwood oil could be purchased off a shelf in the local health food store.

Java Sandalwood has the notes and viscosity of our two year old Mysore Sandalwood. I detect vintage Sandalwood notes too, as far back as our 1952 oil, a feat almost impossible to believe in a modern sandalwood. There’s woody softness and an animalic note that begs to be explored in Musk grain and Ambergris macerations. I will be creating both macerations in the apothecary for future offerings. The tenacity is outstanding and an ideal fixative in a natural perfumery compositions. I expect the exceptional quality is because it is artisan distilled and sustainably harvested. It checks off every box we have as a caring essential oil company doing our best to be ethical and respectful of the plants. This Sandalwood oil is every beautiful thought I’ve had, every word I’ve ever uttered about the Album family and I’m convinced that aside from our Mysore oil, this is the next best modern Sandalwood oil we have ever carried.

Suggested uses: meditation, chakra anointing. Superb in natural perfumery compositions and can be blended with Bergamot, Rose, Violet, Tuberose, Clove, Lavender, Patchouli and many others. Can be added to natural lotions and creams to experience the effective anti-aging benefits Sandalwood posesses.


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