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Sandalwood Essential Oil


Wild Northern Australian Sandalwood (Santalum lanceolatum) from our distiller in Australia.

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I have the most profound respect for the work that Australia has done in the Sandalwood industry. When Indian Mysore was on the threshold of disappearing forever, it was Australia that planted and strategized for long term sandalwood production. Today we are able to enjoy Album, Spicatum, and Lanceolatum species. All of them are exquisitely woody and soft. It hard to imagine but there was a time time when Australian Sandalwood was considered inferior, even as recently as twenty years ago when I began my aromatherapy career. It couldn’t be further from the truth these days thanks to meticulous stewardship.

Wild Northern Sandalwood is thick and golden, with soft woody rose like notes. It is a sandalwood that can be applied lavishly on skin without irritation. I use it when I’ve had some lingering irritation or rosacea from eating things on my naughty list. It is remarkable anointing oil for marking the third eye with the rich oil to bring stillness to the mind.

Suggested use: Adds viscosity and depth to natural perfumery compositions and incense blends. It can be added to skin and hair care care for both a calming scent and to ease irritated dry skin.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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