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Sandalwood 1952 Oil


This offering of 1950s Fritzsche Brothers Oil Of Santal, East Indian is a rich and thick creamy butter fest and must have for sandalwood lovers. I have been collecting antique sandalwood oil for many years and what always comes to mind is my very first big purchase of 68 year old sandalwood. Some bills did not get paid that month, rent was a little short, a landlord got a story so I could jump on the big liter bottle, Mr. Santal. Yes, his name is mister. The purchase was meant to satisfy any notions of buying more. Only, that’s not what happened. What this golden oil did was hard wire my DNA with the need to keep collecting vintage sandalwood oil. It is one of my top favorite scents and I work with a lot of oils. I eventually realized that there is no redemption in being an aromatic hoarder so I offer sample sizes.

This oil is like raw honey straight from the hive, its so thick, rich, unctuous – I wanna do wrong – antique sandalwood essential oil. Buttery drops of antique sandalwood oil, from the root of the tree in a glass vial, uncut, adulterated or extended. A once in a life time opportunity to experience East Indian gold.

Packaged in tamper proof glass bottles.
Please note:
We love our green bottles, unfortunately we are out of stock on the 1 ml bottles so we will be using our 2ml bottle instead. Please note that there will be the normal 1ml of oil which equals 20 drops but in the 2 ml bottle. You will not be receiving 2ml of oil.




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