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Rosewood Essential Oil


Sustainable Rosewood (Aniba Roseodora) essential oil from Brazil.

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One of the first essential oils in my kit when I began my aromatherapy training in 2000 was Rosewood essential oil, a beautiful woody rose scented aromatic that landed on the prohibited list by the time I needed to order it again. To have an essential oil I loved so much for natural perfume blends and skin care be, what I felt was snuffed out and gone forever was just about the rottenest feeling a lover of scent could have. I even bought a bio identical blend that I never had the heart to use because my sniffer would never get over the betrayal and I knew it. It still sits lonely and alone in a dark corner of the apothecary where all the various supplier samples we receive that have tested as synthesized or sophisticated rest, aptly named the corner of essential oil shame. I never gave up looking for a producer with a conscience and creative insight to solving the problem of Rosewood oil’s absence. A Brazilian producer found a way to meet these needs by cultivating groves, much like the initiative Australia took to save Mysore Sandalwood. Trees are manicured rather than felled and as a result they are able to provide Rosewood oil that is both compliant and containing all the beautiful notes I remember from years ago. It’s a grateful return of a dearly loved fragrant friend🌺

Suggested use: Wonderful addition in skin care blends, particularly when treating acne and blemished skin. Rosewood is a wonderful middle note to balance a natural perfume blend with its woody rose notes.


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