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Rose Natural Flower Butter Perfume


Rose (Bulgarian Rose Otto and Rose Absolute) Flower Butter perfume handmade at our apothecary. This is a beeswax free soliflore natural perfume with absolutely no synthetics or bio identical essential oils.

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Flowers Butters were an accidental creation in my early natural perfumery years. I was living on the Canadian Gulf Islands, away from mainstream civilization and knee deep in formulation heaven. I was growing incredible herbs and experimenting in total freedom, making aromatic remedies, body care and working with essential oils in a clinical setting. “How To” books were still sparse and natural perfumery raw material even more. I managed to import Rose wax from one American company that was willing ship to Canada (the only one I might add). I had it in my mind to make a rose scented lip gloss so luxurious and moisturizing that could withstand the cold wet winds often levied on the Gulf Island. The lip gloss didn’t meet my vision but I felt like there was something to my finished product. It revealed itself when a gorgeous Rose scent drifted from my wrists from the excess “lip gloss” I had smeared. I felt the history of my antique perfume books come alive in that first accidental perfume just as I do every time I make a new batch of flower butter.

Organic Rose Flower Butter is a handmade natural perfume, my ode to the beautiful Rose, Cleopatra’s flower of choice. Our butter contains simple aromatics the best using organic Rose Otto essential oil, Absolute, Concrete and Floral Wax we carry in the apothecary. Just as perfumers did for thousands of years, we use Ben oil as the carrier oil both for the extraordinarily long shelf life and as a nod to Nefertem. Our Rose Flower Butter is soft and powerful. The tiniest smear on the wrist or soft part of the neck imparts all the craft I’ve put into the perfume. All the history too.

Suggested Uses: Apply to Chakra or pulse points to enjoy an opulent bath of a field of roses.


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