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Robusta Coffee Essential Oil


Robusta Coffee (Coffea robusta) essential oil from Columbia.

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In my other life, I roast coffee and a lot of it; from Ethiopian to South American and about every country in between. But a funny thing happened in the days of traveling to California from Canada as a visitor. It was my discovery of Dutch Brothers Coffee during needed pit stops by the time the Oregon border welcomed me. Their Robusta blend coffee became my rocket fuel needed to punch it all the way to San Francisco. It was strong, full bodied and earthy tasting like Italian coffee and I liked it a lot. Robusta Coffee essential oil is that Italian coffee, the old way.

Aside from the extraction, Robusta Coffee essential oil is surprisingly unique from our Roasted Espresso CO2. It offers a dirty earthy, deep rich scent that acts kind of bossy in a blend and rounding out nicely in Nutmeg or Orange essential oils. Robusta also has useful applications in DIY face serum for its antioxidant properties, toning and invigorating skin. A few drops included in a blend may help ease asthmatic symptoms. Robusta Coffee is a complex essential oil and is a great addition to a perfumer’s organ. Yes, sometimes bossy coffee is a good thing, kind of like Dutch Brothers coffee.

Suggested uses: Blends with spicy oils such as Nutmeg and woody notes. May help with spasmotic asthma.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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