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Premium Neroli Essential Oil


Once one has sniffed true Neroli, there’s no mistaking a religious experience has been had and I expect Anne Marie Orsini, princess of Nerola felt the same way. She had the luxury, being a princess and all, to bath with neroli and perfume her gloves and one can‚’t help but be a little jealous of such luxury. It’s true too, that Neroli was the perfume of choice for the working girls of Madrid although it isn’t entirely clear what association came first – the princess or the prostitute.

The scent is a perfect example of Mother Nature punking humans with a bitter orange offering that turns to floral honey when the flowers are distilled. We carry Neroli from both Tunisia and Egypt and truth be told, I love the Egyptian offering just a little bit more. Both are etherial but my nose picks up some slightly deeper floral notes plus other notes I can’t articulate. Neroli is a deep sedative and adding a few drops to a carrier oil is effective for circulation. The by-product of neroli distillation, orange blossom hydrosol is one I use often in my afternoon cortado for a delicious middle eastern vibe that is surprisingly delicious.

Suggested Uses: A few drops in 30 ml of carrier oil for natural perfumery blends, as a sedative or to address circulatory issues. Neroli is very tenacious and will last several months in a blend.




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