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Jasmine Sambac Absolute Oil


Organic hand harvested Jasmine (Jasminum Sambac) from India.

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Musky, masculine Jasmine sambac is native to India and like Grandiflorum, requires hand harvesting at odd hours of the night. Sambac is the national flower of the Philippines and is a pledge of mutual love. And love is what one feels when using Sambac. It is slightly deeper in floral notes with a little spiciness. It is less common than Grandiflorum but is important when there is a need to add spice notes to a floral blend. Interestingly, the fresh leaves can be made into an herbal infusion for gallstones.

Suggested uses: Floral magnificence in natural perfumery – very little is needed to create a luxury blend that can be used in both male and female natural botanical perfumes. A complete aphrodisiac and calms the nervous system (or is it nervine and then an aphrodisiac?). Blends well with base wood notes and frankincense essential oils. Valuable addition when making a solid perfume butter such as our Flower Butters. Deep spiritual oil, of love, perhaps because it is harvested by careful hands.

Packaged in tamper proof glass bottles.


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