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Pandanus (Kewda) Hydrosol


Pandanus (Kewda) (Pandanus odoratissimus) hydrosol from our artisan partners in India.

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Pandan (Kewda) hydrosol became my rose water long ago, the hydrosol that was a permanent fixture on my desktop to spritz with a kind of gluttony that tends to take hold of me, particularly those aromatics I read of as a child. Sometimes I’ve mixed a little Rose hydrosol with Pandan hydrosol as a nod to the reference of Pandanus being the vanilla of Asian cooking but it is such a special scent, that it is only an occasional diversion. Pandanus elevates my skin and puts me in touch with memories of exotic fruits and scents I experienced when living in Peru, Panama and Costa Rica back in what feels like a hundred years ago. The lower quality flowers are used for the hydrosol and only 0.02 percent of the oil after distillation is left behind. As the essential oil is very potent, even the remaining small molecules in the hydrosol are fragrant enough to transport those familiar with it and those who will experience it for the first time.

The Pandanus shrub grows both male and female blossoms but it is the male blossoms that are distilled for the narcotic, fruity and mysterious rare essential oil and hydrosol. It is collected early in the morning like so many delicate and time sensitive flowers, using up to 25,000 per charge. Pandanus oil and hydrosol are believed to heal many degenerative diseases in Ayurveda practice. Cans of Pandan leaves line Asian market shelves ready to be used in cooking: custards (delicious as a dip with toast for breakfast), drinks, desserts, rice and other savory dishes and as a wrap instead of banana leaves.

Pandanus is very pungent and fruity scented. I also pick up the scent of Greek Sea Fennel, not surprising considering Pandanus naturally grows in Orissa, India, one of many sub tropic coastal regions of growth for the scrub. We now work with an incredible distillery that carefully distills the pure essential oil and its bi-product; this fragrant hydrosol. It easily surpasses every sample I have received over the years from other suppliers. The Pandanus shrub is distilled beyond craft of which I’m proud to offer in our curated apothecary.

Asian Vanilla and additional Pandanus food use credit goes to our cherished Rainny – thank you for setting this northern neighbor straight 🧡

Suggested use: mist face as a skin toner and to soften skin. Very helpful for oily skin or skin prone to redness and uneven tone.

Shelf life: 12 months. Refrigerate to prolong freshness.

Packaged in 3.3oz/100 ml tamper proof refillable glass bottles.

Our hydrosols are kept in dedicated refrigeration until shipped.


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