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Osha Seed Essential Oil


Organic Osha Seed (Ligusticum porteri) essential oil grown sustainably by our artisan producer in Canada. Considered very sacred in indigenous communities.

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Osha Seed essential oil is another rare find from our Canadian distiller, who only grew the precious plant after extensive work with Native communities in the area. Not an easy project because after a certain MLM essential oil company came to monopolize as is often the case, the communities were in no mood to deal with yet another white man. With respect, dedication to preservation, and inclusiveness of the communities, our distiller was able begin growing Osha and producing a stellar and vibrant essential oil. I walked the fields where he grows the plant and have sniffed its soul after crushing a few leaves. My heart felt its sacred presence and desire to be respected. And so I pledge to do so.

While I’m familiar with Osha root, Osha Seed oil is very new for me but since my very first interaction with it, I feel like my mind has been blown on a scent that is Lovage on steroids: the greenest of fougères, mossiest of deep forests, wettest of ferns. Its a deep memory kind of oil, like I’ve known this one all along. Of all those green noted oils we carry, this one is the sacral and ancestral one that I can’t imagine being excluded in a layered fern composition.

Suggested use: This is considered a sacred plant by indigenous people and as such is recommended for spiritual ceremony. It is known as Sacred Wild Bear Porter’s Lovage.


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