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Organic Mastic Hydrosol


Mastic is another one of those massively important resins, as important as frankincense in my estimation. I never used the essential oil much, in part because of limited availability. But I certainly knew its medicinal value as an herbalist working in the supplement industry for the last 25 years. Mastic resin is a number one gut healer for even the toughest stomach issues such as intestinal ulcers. I have suggested it repeatedly over the years with a lot of success. Hippocrates was the first to suggest its use for digestive problems, colds and breath fresheners. I started to carry the essential oil from a fantastic, organic farm in Greece a couple of years ago at Essential Oil Apothecary. I primarily used it in topical applications such as dental or skin care. With essential oil distillation comes the hydrosol which I have finally been able to obtain. Our Mastic hydrosol is brand new and like our new Oregano Hydrosol, I am super excited to be the first to offer these game changer hydrosols in North America. It comes from a small certified organic farm and distilled in small batches. Mastic hydrosol is as important for skin and dental care as our Full Spectrum Frankincense hydrosol. As I continue my work with it, I’m sure I’ll uncover more health benefits and most certainly other uses. Mastic has a citrus, wood like resinous scent – not quite like pine but very much of the wood family.

Suggested Uses: Mist and inhale deeply to ease congestion. Can be used to freshen skin in a smokey environment such as a casino. Excellent anti bacterial spray for yoga mat after use. Highly recommended for travel to keep bugs at bay. Spray onto freshly brushed teeth to freshen breath.

Packaged in 3.3 oz/100 ml glass bottles.




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