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Organic Holy Basil Tulsi Essential Oil


I had a customer, who for years would order Holy Basil almost every order. I was never fond of the scent. It’s not like the other basil we all know in pesto and that I’ve overdone so many times I almost got sick once. I’m talking about the essential oil, by the way. But after 7 years of bringing it in and being so connected to my herbal roots, I decided that it was absolutely worth knowing better. Holy Basil is cherished in the Hindi culture, it is sacred and is planted around their shrines. We have it planted in our garden apothecary where we can enjoy the beautiful purple flowers that it displays. Tulsi has an extensive herbal medicinal background, potentially aleviating headaches, reducing body order, assisting in anti-inflammatory conditions and bringing about relaxation from stressful environments. It is supportive for emotional wellness Рmind purification, courage and clarity. How can I not be tight with a powerhouse essential oil like Holy Basil?

Suggested uses: Blend with lavender, clary sage, cedar wood, bergamot, rosemary and orange.




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