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I was late to the Fragonia party as Fragonia was late to the essential oil party. It wasn’t for lack of interest but I was so single minded in obtaining Boronia, that it kind of got lost in the shuffle. Regrettable because this well balanced, floral tea tree like essential oil is such a superb bioactive oil that I’m almost at a loss to explain it. And that’s just the aromatherapeutic aspect of Fragonia. The proprietary oil (of the Myrtle family) was pioneered by a Western Australian couple who are the exclusive producers from seed to distillation. The scent profile is described as a floral Tea Tree like medicinal which I enjoy not only in regular use, but when I’m sick and don’t want to smell essential oils, Fragonia is only one I like using. Fragonia can provide effective respiratory support oil which is safe enough for children. It can be useful to address bacterial infections. Along with potent antibacterial actives, Fragonia is said to be helpful with treating Candida. It has a 1-1-1 ratio of Monoterpenes, Oxides and Monoterpenols which is quite unusual for an essential oil, in fact I know of no other of that ratio. Dr. Daniel Penoel, a French aromatherapist who began working with Fragonia in 2005, has written extensively about its healing effects. The golden ratio, as Fragonia is sometimes referred as, may explain the esoteric aspect of this rare oil from the Myrtle family and it took me some time to grasp what it was I was feeling when I worked with it. It occurred to me that the golden ratio would explain the sense of chakra alignment I feel when I use Fragonia. I don’t write much about metaphysical or spiritual components of essential oils because I feel it is such a personal experience with an essential oil but the sense of balance, of chakra alignment is such a prominent feeling that I wanted to share




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