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Organic Cardamom Hydrosol


It has been said that I never met a hydrosol I didn’t like and it wouldn’t be wrong. This is our twentieth listing in the hydrosol section and I’m likely not stopping anytime soon. I love hydrosols. I love distilling them, sourcing them from other distillers and I love utilizing them. Hydrosols are found in some of our customer favorites: body washes, vegan C skin care, hand sanitizer and are so woven in the fabric of my daily life that I suspect they are on some kind of a DNA level. Suzanne Catty’s, “The Next Aromatherapy” was such a game changer for me and after wearing out two copies of her incredible book, I started working with hydrosols in many of my formulations.

Our first experience with Cardamom hydrosol was in early 2013 while our apothecary was still in Canada. We were lucky to find one of our distilling partners who provided many hydrosols both centric to Canada and unique ones from ingredients abroad. Cardamom was one of the most addictive, ‘prettiest’, sweet spicy hydrosol I had experienced to date and I couldn’t wait to bring it into the shop. It took some time restock it while we made the big voyage to California, 26 foot U-Haul full of apothecary oils and first edition essential oil books and aromatic concentrates in jars but I always had my eye on the prize. This Cardamom Hydrosol is as I remember it; spicy and sweet and pretty. It has carminative properties, calming spasms and bloating of the digestive tract. It feels refreshing on the skin, particularly on a hot summer day and is incredibly calming. I believe it is distilled from white cardamom pods so once we can source cardamom by the kilo, I plan to distill the green pods in our new 40 L copper still. It would be interesting to compare white and green pod distillations. In the meantime, I’ll be content with wearing a little of our Hydro-diffused Cardamom essential oil with the new hydrosol arrival.

Packaged in 3.3oz/100 ml tamper proof glass bottles.



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