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Organic Australian Rose Essential Oil


Australian Rose essential Oil is yet another rare gift form our New South Wales artisan distiller. And because this aromatherapist never met a rose oil I didn’t like, we brought it to North American shores. Australian Rose was an exciting discovery, initially by the producer and then by our aromatic headquarters. Australian Rose oil hails botanically from Leptospermum petersonii, the same family as our Pineapple Myrtle Hydrosol, but where they part family is Pineapple Myrtle is a CT alpha pinene and Rose is CT geraniol. Australian Rose smells like very good geranium from the Reunion Islands and has that familiar rose scent but I also pick up a fruitiness that is a beautiful companion. It blends well, picking up a citrus or woody based composition. I haven’t worked with Rose long, compared to other Rose oils we carry but I’m finding myself drawn to it repeatedly. It blends well in our Vegan C Cream and I like adding it to a carrier oil as a DIY face serum, making my skin noticeably soft. There’s a special synergy about this Australian Rose distiller direct, single plantation oil and I’m excited to be able to offer it in our stores.

Suggested uses: Blends well in carrier oils for DIY Face Serum, unscented Creams. Blends well in natural perfumery compositions containing smoky woods and citrus.




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