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Nova Mandarin Essential Oil


Nova Mandarin Cold Pressed Uruguay
Citrus reticulata nova var. mandarin

Nova Mandarin was an exciting arrival at the Essential Oil Apothecary apothecary. I didn’t know a thing about Uruguayan citrus and couldn’t find out much about it at all. But my nose was the real boss lady picking up a lot of richness and deep citrus. I’ve carried plenty of mandarin and tangerine essential oils over the years but this juicy essential oil is so different, so “Satsuma-y‚” that I fought to snag the only 3 kilos my distiller is releasing to vendors. The Asian market has been seduced by the fruit since 2017 and I confess I, too am seduced by the scent profile of the cold pressed oil. Compared to Italian mandarin, it has forty – five constituents characterized in the oils with the limonene content. This is the kind of citrus oil that is useable in just about every application one could think of and is certainly a welcome brightness after the cold, dark winter.

Suggested uses: a drop or two in a bath, bedding, dish soap for effective grease cutting, and brings a real lift in an essential oil blend, handmade body care or soap making. Nova mandarin is a sure winner for wiping down stainless steel appliances. Put 3 to 4 drops on paper towel and wipe down. As a multi use after wiping down appliances, dampen the paper towel and wipe down the trash bin to deodorize and sanitize the container.

Nova Mandarin Uruguay, Cold Pressed. Stored in refrigeration until shipping to extend shelf life.




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