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Nootka Tree Wood Essential Oil


Many Canadian aromatherapists and natural perfumers know Nootka Tree oil. It has been part of my aromatic landscape for decades, having hiked all through Vancouver Island forests. I cherish this tree and its pencil scented offering. It comforts me when I need that home connection and is our smoky offering to the world. Nootka is the heritage of the Nootka Tribe, of which the tree was named after. They used it for carving and burned to relieve congestion. One can imagine the fragrance of burning Nootka Wood in a potlatch. When beach camping with family, Nootka Wood was a favorite to use when building an earth oven deep in the sand. While the oil has finally been approved by both CDC and the FDA as an ingredient in skin applied insect repellant for mosquitos and ticks because of the Nootkatones in the oil, we knew the oil as a vital part of a camping or hiking checklist. Nootka Wood oil can last up to 300 hours, making it a valuable contribution in a botanical perfume blend. It’s one of my favorite wood essential oils and I’m excited to offer this Canadian treasure.

Suggested uses: Blends well with cardamom, mandarin, cedar wood and juniper. Try blending it with our Patchouli 2007 Oak Barrel Aged oil and see if that doesn’t rock your aromatic boat.




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