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Mugo Pine Essential Oil


Mugo Pine Essential Oil Pinus mugo High Altitude Artisan Distilled Canada

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When West Coast Canada experienced extreme flooding recently, we heard from our family and friends, pretty much everyone in my circle except our distiller. It was worrisome to say the least. When they reached out to say they had been washed out but were back up and running, I was pretty relieved to hear they were safe. I didn’t care if our Mugo Pine and Angelica Root was available or not at that point. When I was at the distillery in the summer, I walked among fields of wonderful, potent plants – Catnip, sacred Osha and the ancient Angelica. In the distance, up in the hills I could see Mugo Pine surrounding a beautiful land, untapped, free of ever having chemicals or inhabitants until the distiller occupied the property twenty years ago. I placed an order for a future Mugo distillation before I left the distillery.

Mugo Pine is a gentle balsamic scent with a little sweetness and is often suggested as an addition to men’s natural scented compositions but it is a very nice addition in a vanilla themed blend as a nod to Mugo pine needle tea that was historically enjoyed. Mugo pine essential oil is a wonderful oil to diffuse, particularly during Christmas.

Suggested use: Mugo pine essential oil has traditionally been used topically for muscle pain and rheumatism but has had reports of skin sensitivity so using in a diffuser or vaporizer is recommended. Small amounts are often added to men’s natural perfumery compositions.


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