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Meyer Lemon Hydrosol, California


Organic Meyer Lemon hydrosol artisan distilled here at our apothecary in California.

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Meyer Lemon Hydrosol Citrus x meyeri Rare Organic Floral Meyer Lemon Handmade Foraged Distilled In California

Distilling meyer lemons early in my adventures was my soft ball entry into distillation. One can do just about anything wrong – or at least not quite right as often happens when doing something new – and still come out with essential oil and hydrosol. I thought a lot about what my first citrus would be and it always came back to meyer lemons. I had had such a longing for them back in Canada. In the early 1990s, I watched Martha Stewart T.V. shows and her use of them in any given episode excited me to no end. I hadn’t even smelled a meyer lemon but I knew I had to have them. It was a few years before I was able to special order the fruit from California and while I could see they held promise, the floral scent was long gone by the time it passed customs. Early March 2016 when I emigrated to California, meyer lemons and other free range citrus were still quite literally falling from trees in the San Francisco Bay Area. People freely gave me brown paper grocery bags full of lemons and I used them in every thinkable way. This is when I experienced a fresh picked meyer lemon and came to understand and appreciate Martha Stewart’s love of them.

Meyer lemon is one of those addictive hydrosols that I can’t quite ever leave alone. Medicinally, lemon is par exellence for stimulating white blood cells, helpful for aging skin, acne and addressing cellulite but its just so Jean Nate circa 1980s fresh lemony floralness, something I wasn’t able to experience in Pacific North West suppliers. I suspect terroir, tree to still timeline and small distillations are the key to capturing this lemon scent I sought to enjoy since the 1990s.

Suggested use: mist on skin as an anti-aging skin toner to soften lines. Massage in areas prone to cellulite. Useful to freshen when misted on body.

Shelf life: 12 to 16 months. Refrigerate to prolong freshness.

Packaged in 3.3oz/100 ml tamper proof refillable glass bottles.

Our hydrosols are kept in dedicated refrigeration until shipped.


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