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Lovage Leaf Essential Oil


Lovage Leaf (Levisticum officinale) essential oil from Bulgaria.

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I initially wanted to import Lovage leaf oil because of its usefulness in aromatherapy. Lovage supports hepatic issues, skin eruptions and is ideal for digestion. It can also be added to a carrier oil and applied to sore muscles. The amber colored root also has uses in food applications such as in gingerale modification or to balance sweet flavors even with its predominant celery note. The leaf oil was that mystery note I search for in all my new acquisitions, a spiritual awakening of the umbelliferae family. Like, “Where have you been all my life’ kind of moment. Loveage is a strikingly beautiful departure from the root, its notes so mysterious and floral that it bypasses all my scent hang ups that see and don’t see the light in my blends. It’s a beautiful syncopation in spicy compostions and completely loveable in galbanum, oakmoss and the very underutilized bay leaf. Lovage leaf oil adds that Stevie Ray Vaughan “Little Wing” note to blends like a circus mind that’s running wild. 

Suggested use: Very interesting in Carnation and rose perfume compositions. Blends with Galbanum, Bay Leaf, Oakmoss, Lavender and Rose. Although I haven’t tried Lovage Leaf with Bergamot, I expect it could be the high point of a a natural perfume blend. 



1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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